19 December 2011

first love

the tittle here a bit controversial though
don't take the topic too seriously
i just wanna share a bit of me 
its a about my 1st love
he's a chinese guy.

this happened to me when i was 17 years old
yeah SPM !
but actually i met him when im in form 4
(muda kan?)
his name is STEVEN LIM
(when im mentioning his name rite now,i still feel spark in my heart)
he is a chinese guy
he is already have a job when i met him 
21 years old(8years ago ya guys)
we usually meet bila QQ di sekolah
tapi tak pernah DATE tau
wanna noe how our relationship works?
kami tak pernah cakap ape2
just by facial expression n bahasa tangan!
bukan bisu tau!
its about our distance
saye di atas blok (dalam kelas n steven kat bawah near his workplace)
everyday we just smile when he passes by down there
the relationship last for 2 years 
he had confessed to me that he love me(by hand signs) when i was in form 5
that is the sweetest moment in my teenager life!
haha..my classmate semer perasan when he did that hand sign language!
oh malunya!
and they start to skodeng Steven ni
ahh.. rindunya time huru hara dlm kelas
lepas amik result,i never met him.
n workplace Steven pon dah takdde skg ni
tapi bila QQ lalu kat bekas workplace Steven
he still remained in my memories..
 i still remember his I LOVE U hand signs
i hope u remember me too....

# seronok tgk felix and brian in Masterchief Malaysia , they remind me to sumone.


  1. sempat update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahhahaha :'D

  2. muaahahahaha tetibe la tingat kisah silamm muaahahaha