13 December 2011

U r my sunshine,my only sunshine

aww ~ isn't it so cute? 
credit : taken from somewhere in facebook ^^ 

The amazing benefits to a long distance relationship ^^, 

Everyone talks about how being in a long distance relationship is HARD,and it is. Rarely do people talk about the benefits and I assure you there are plenty... why else would so many people enter into this unholy union if there weren't benefits? Well listen up  and you'll learn about the many positive aspects of long distance love ^^, 


♥ boley kua jenjalan di tempat baru,and ada personal tour guide! ececeee.. 


♥ It's always new. It seems like you're always coming together after some time apart and everything is perpetually new and exciting. You're always thrilled to finally see each other again. Every time you come together after time apart it feels like the first date all over again! weeehuu! 


♥ You have the best of both worlds! kite bole jadi bujang n also being in a relationship. wootwoot!Then there are times when you are apart, and you get to enjoy all the best parts of the bachelor lifestyle! Going out with your friends, making plans without having to check with someone else, and basically doing anything you want to do whenever you want to do it. tapi! tapi! lebey baek inform dulu ke mana kita nak pegi dulu pada si dia.. bukan ape,just nak elak peselisihan faham if pape berlaku, masing-masing mesti jujur la k.. (tapi bukan semer org bole adapt ceni ,bg QQ ceni lagi best!) 


♥ pehtu kan, Leave them wanting more! haa..kite cepat-cepat pulih dari pergadohan sebab tamao losing each other. so,sesi pujuk memujuk menjadi lebey dramatik.ehem..(dari pengalaman QQ laa..) 


♥ hmm.. lagii.. long distance relationship ni boley mengurangkan rasa terlalu bergantung pada couple kite itew... semer kita buat sendiri,kalau kecik hati or curiga kita cepat-cepat  singkirkan feeling tu, haa.. tak langsung kita belajar meyakinkan diri pada si dia .You learn that love isn't about location ^^ 


♥ and!and! kita tak begaul terlalu bebas masa ber couple. Insyaallah ^^

one step closer hunny

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